Decorative Accessories

Decorative Accessories and Unique Gifts: painted floorcloths, painted furniture, painted chairs, painted tabletops, ceramic tile trays, ceramic tile tabletops, custom painted ceramic baby bowl and plate sets, baby gifts, customized ceramics, customized pottery

Sharon Harrison creates one-of-a-kind gifts to mark a special event, a birth, a wedding, a graduation. She also custom paints furniture, floor clothes, tiles, pottery and fabrics to enhance a décor or a lifestyle.

Baby Gifts: Ceramic plates and bowls for babies, painted chairs, painted tabletops

  • Ceramic plate and bowl: Commemorate the birth of a new child by giving a gift that will document the event and be cherished. Alphabet plate with bowl, customized with baby’s name and all the birth data (full name, date, time, weight, length) on the bottom of the plate.
  • Painted child’s chair: Chairs can be decorated with faux painted boxes of crayons or animal crackers. Child’s name and birth information can also be worked into the design. Matching tables are also available along with additional chairs.

Commemorative Gifts: Customized pottery, customized ceramics, tile trays replicating wedding invitations, special events or houses

Special events, weddings, showers, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, holidays, favorite sports teams, special gift boxes. All can be commemorated with a unique hand painted copy of the invitation or logo on a tile or serving plate. Tiles can be inserted into a tray or tabletop. Mark the event with a unique gift.

Painted Floorcloths: flat rugs made of canvas and painted to look like rag rugs, brick flooring, forest floor, a pond

Floorcloths are made of heavyweight canvas which is custom painted with latex paint and then coated with polyurethane for durability. They can add an artistic design element to any room. When combined with an unexpected faux element (sleeping cat, beer top and opener, film canister) they will surprise the viewer and bring smiles. There is no limit to design, color or size.

Painted Furniture: child table and chair sets, side chairs, coffee tables, tabletops, dressers, vanity, hutch

Adding a painted object to a piece of furniture can bring a design element to coordinate the piece, add life to an old piece of furniture or just add an element of interest. You can personalize a piece with a painted note, envelope or keys lying on a tabletop. Then have fun watching people try to pick them up.

Painted Clothing

Sharon Harrison has a separate business called Tattoo Blue Jeans. Transform your favorite couture/designer jeans into a ONE-OF-A-KIND statement about YOU. You chose the image, phrase or lyric and artist Sharon Harrison will paint it on your clothing. All clothing is painted with permanent fabric paint. Clothing may be cleaned following regular cleaning standards as recommended on the label found in the article of clothing. If clothing is washable, it is recommended that gentle cycle using cold water and gentle detergent be used.