Signs: Department signage, retail signs, store signs, décor signs

Sharrison Studios works with retail stores, grocery stores and supermarkets to create custom décor and signage to assist customers in locating departments. Each sign is custom designed, painted on foam-core board for its lightweight, painted with acrylic paints for cleanability and cut out for layering and creating interest. The products of each department can be colorfully displayed providing décor at the same time.

We have found that this style of signage works successfully for the small niche market entrepreneur. It provides a “boutique” custom look without the large expense of a décor company. Often the signage serves two purposes directing the customer and becoming the décor. Preston having also had a 35 year career in retail store design is available to give opinions on other décor needs to coordinate with our signage. Let us “Spice Up” your store at any budget.