Donor Recognition Tile Murals

Sharrison Studios has found that tile murals are a good medium for donor recognition artwork since tile has permanence and is durable and touchable. Sharon and Preston Harrison enjoy the challenge and creativity of working with the organization to meet their needs for representing images of importance, fulfilling the needs of honoring the donors and creating public art for all. Each project is carefully planned to insure the respect due each donor, esthetically enhance its surroundings, and provide the inspiration intended by the organization it represents.

Fundraiser Tile Mural Art

Tile murals serve well as fundraisers. They create public art that can reflect the organization and its goals while at the same time honor those who have contributed so much with their talents and resources. Sharrison Studios can guide your organization in developing a program for launching the fundraiser to entice donors. There can be projects that are entirely created by Sharrison Studios or projects where the donors participate.

Commemorative Tile Murals: Historical murals, Community murals and more.

Sharrison Studios believes commemorating historic events within an organization has a positive effect on its members, community and morale. Sharing a heritage or an event in a public art form brings together community pride and provides an educational tool for future generations. Sharrison Studios will work together with the organization to develop the idea, create the design and produce the mural.

Commemorative murals can also be used as fundraisers and/or donor recognition murals. See more detailed information on Sharrison Studios donor recognition page.

Educational Tile Murals: Tile Murals as Tools for Teaching

Sharrison Studios can create murals that will bring vibrant life to educational topics. They can provoke interest, stimulate the imagination, support and explain theories while creating exciting public art that all can enjoy. When used in a public space such as foyer or hallway, the mural brings vibrant interest to all fields of study.

The following photographs are of the educational tile mural that was commissioned for the lobby of the Engineering Building of Princeton University. The mural represents the development of both natural and human made materials from the “big bang” to the future. The mural was commissioned by Professor of Chemical Engineering Ilhan A. Aksay (http://www.princeton.edu/che/people/faculty/aksay/) and is used to teach one of his science classes.

Commercial Tile Murals: wall murals on tile for commercial use

Sharrison Studios has done mural paintings for commercial properties, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, churches, schools and universities tile mural are a good choice because of its durability. For eating and preparation areas it is a good choice because of its cleanability. The tiles are painted using ceramic glazes in full range of color or in any variation of sepia to black-and-white. The tiles are then high-fired for permanence of color and form. This makes the surface smooth and cleanable, approved by health departments. The designs have been of family and business history, local history and points of interest, landmarks, and community pride. Tiles can also feature topics specific to retail departments, products, and customer appreciation.

As artists the rewarding part of using tile in a public space is its, durability which makes it touchable. Tile has the ability to be painted with a texture that seems to magically create the need in the viewer to touch it. It’s amazing how people want to physically examine it by rubbing its surface. That is okay, its resilient surface can handle being an interactive piece of public art unlike any other.

Commercial Tile Mural Movie

Residential Tile Murals: backsplashes for kitchens, bath and shower tile murals, murals painted on tile, wall murals on tile, hand-painted tile backsplashes or counter-tops

Sharrison Studios can create a unique one-of-a-kind mural in tile suitable for all traditional tile spaces and applications. Through their painting skills, they can create tiles to match your decorative style, re-create patterns from fabric or wallpaper, and hand paint reproductions of photographs. The ceramic glazes they use have a full range of color or can be done in any variation of sepia to black-and-white. Tiles are standard sizes that can be integrated with stock tile so that small murals can be inset into surrounding tile. Tile murals can enhance a kitchen backsplash and counter-top, surround a fireplace opening, create interest in a shower or bathroom, and fill a wall where durability is essential.

Decorative Tiles: tile table tops, tile trays, wrought iron tables with tile tops, tile pictures, paintings on tile, wedding invitations painted on tile, pet portraits painted on tile, realtor gifts of tile tray house portraits

Sharrison Studios can create a unique one-of-a-kind tile painting for tabletops, tray inserts or framing. They have reproduced portraits of pets, portraits of houses, wedding invitations, special event invitations, decorative patterns or designs on tile through their skilled painting techniques. Using ceramic glazes in a full range of color or variations of sepia to black-and-white, they can reproduce an exact replica or a characterization on tile.

The tile trays are great gifts often commissioned by realtors to represent to their buyers/sellers homes.

Wedding invitations recreated on tile and then inserted into a tray make great customized wedding presents.

Tile top tables can feature pet or house portraits or show places of distinction.

Sharrison Studios has become known for their unique hand-painted tiles, which have been used to create large works for donor recognition tile murals, educational teaching mural, historical-themed murals, decorative murals on fireplaces, as well as paintings for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. Their smaller works fill wrought iron tabletops, serving trays, trivets and wall frames.

They have developed a unique way of painting tiles realistically, as well as creating murals on tiles creatively, in both color and sepia tones using traditional ceramic glazes. They approach a body of tiles as if it was a “canvas” creating both small tile paintings for framing and large tile murals as public art for schools and retail spaces. All of their tiles are kiln fired and durable for use in bathrooms, showers, kitchens backsplashes, and fireplaces or for any decorative impermeable surface.