Trompe L’oeil & Faux Art

Trompe L’oeil – Realistic painting “to fool the eye” and Faux Art: faux stonewalls and floors, faux brick walls and floors, murals, floorcloths, fine art paintings

Sharon Harrison of Sharrison Studios is nationally known for her trompe l’oeil and faux artworks. She has painted “3-dimenential objects” on tabletops, coffee tables, chairs, floors and walls. She knows she has “tricked” someone when they need to touch it to realize that it is flat and not 3-dimenential; it makes everyone smile. Sharon admits that having been away from some of her own Trompe l’oeil or faux artwork, she too can be fooled. Sharon has painted walls and floors “to look like” mosaic marble floor, stone walls, brick fireplaces, aged wood, hanging tapestries and rag rugs. She has painted envelopes, mail, keys, animal cracker boxes and crayon boxes on chair seats and tabletops. The whimsy of this kind of artwork is what makes her passionate about it.