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Recognition murals

    There are many types of recognition murals:   to honor contributors to a cause, Presbyterian Children’s Village donor recognition wall   to honor contributors to a cause, McCaffreys Market in Yardley   to honor the inventors for their patents, Mondelez (Cadbury) Pilot Plant inventors to honor the history and people of a community,… Read more »

Murals for Healing

Murals are a tremendous tool for promoting healing. When I painted the “Healing Consciousness Garden” mural in a cancer hospital in Bensalem, PA, it helped me heal but more so, it helped so many others to know they were in the right hospital to be treated and be healed. Here is a post of some artists… Read more »

The art of creating a mural with a client

OK here I go! I hired a web company to help me with promoting my website and they told me, “I must blog.” But I’m a painter not a writer! So, please bear with me and read this blog. I promise to share lots of picture! And, if you like them, I’d love if you’d share with friends…. Read more »