Banners for TMPC in New Hope

Here are the finished banners! Finally! It was a new technique to paint with dyes on silk but the end results was worth the wait (I hope everyone else agrees) The theme is “Sing a Song of Praise”. The 4 banners will hang in the music room of TMPC which has a high vaulted ceiling…. Read more »

Back to posting!!!

I’ve been gone from postiong in a while.  Some of the work was to be gifts so I didn’t want to ruin the surprise by posting works before they were given. Here is the finished tile of the cabin I was working on in last blog.         Next came another tile table… Read more »

Nursery Room Tree for TMPC

Nursery Room Tree for TMPC The TMPC (Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church) asked me to paint a tree on the nursery room wall so that the children know where to gather  for story time.  It was a change from my ususal realistic style to one more like a “coloring book” style for the kids.

work goes on…

You say “deja view”, I say no, look closer! It is sign 2 of the Salad Bar sign, similar but different. Now on to the salad bowl and other 3 signs.